As a doctor, Zhiyuan Wang spent 30 years studying how to save lives. He never imagined that he would spend another 10 years investigating how Chinese doctors take innocent lives.

95% of his evidence comes directly from China. His sources are Chinese doctors, judges, legislators, military officials, government officials, the media, and hospital websites. His research reveals an inconceivable truth – China’s hospitals, judiciary, and military worked together under the authority of the previous Chinese president Jiang Zemin to mercilessly slaughter millions of Falun Gong practitioners through the harvesting of their organs.

Today in a time of peace, it is difficult for people to believe that such a large-scale massacre has been silently taking place in China. But the truth shows that this frenzied killing machine, driven by huge profits, is still running rampant in society.

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Words from the Producer

Produced by Deerpark Productions and award-winning director/producer Jun Li, “Harvested Alive: The Ten-Year Investigation” is a documentary that examines this unprecedented evil through the lenses and expertise of doctors and investigators. It challenges the viewer and questions whether or not the public will continue to tolerate such a heinous genocide that subverts the basic moral values of human beings.



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